Privacy Policy

Voucher Lord Privacy Policy Notified below:

Our privacy policy respect to the highlights enclosed in this terms and conditions for every customer who want to shop at Voucher Lord. We are committed to follow every guide that we collect from other stores and insures customer do the same, while the terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to the visitors of our website. These following guidelines are created to guide you regarding the website policies and more.


Once you come here to visit or to shop, we ask you to follow given policy information that is created for you respected customers. To access Voucher Lord, it is necessary that the visitor must accept the policy provided such as “essential elements” which should be agreed on. If you face any problem, you can always contact the 24/7 customer service correspondence.

We have the right to change or revise this privacy policy anytime we wish. Those who are registered to our website will be notified by email every time this policy is modified. Non-registered users are obliged to first review the privacy policy then proceed to registration.

Note: It is important to understand the actual meaning of this information and each user who visits Voucher Lord is recommended to understand and agree strictly with our website orders. Further the user will take full responsibility to not misuse our website in any way or our staff will ban the account and even take legal action if necessary.

Information Collection & Its Security

The information we collect during the registration from the users includes personal information such as email, password, address, country, state and credit card number, these personal information will remain only to us and we totally ensures the member that these information will not be shared to anyone. Once the information is provided, we will protect it because it is our duty to make the member feel secured from our service. We know that you want to take care of your personal information which is why all aspects of the information collected from customers including the purpose of collecting their personal information will remain within us. We do not reveal any personal information that is provided to us.

Editing and Updating the Information

We provide every necessary option for the member so they can easily update personal information by logging into the “My Account” section of our website using login name and the password. If you feel that you’re suffering problem and not satisfied with the service then you can anytime delete your account by logging to “My Account” section with your username and password, then to “Delete Account”. Some information are intact, which cannot be edited e.g. past transactions.

Once you became a member of Voucher Lord, you will receive periodic updates about your account activity, promotional offers, purchases, inquiries and other relevant information regarding the service. You can also unsubscribe from these promotional offers and deals by going to “My Account” then uncheck the “receive newsletter and promotional deals”.

Disclosure of Non-personal information

Your non-personal information may reveal to our affiliated website, advertisers and other such parties that working partnered with us. While you visit our website, this information may be used by third-party advertisers to serve you with advertisements about other products/services and promotion offers that may interest you. If we receive any other information from other sources that are affiliated to our program then we will also add it to our website for better correspondence.


To make better use of website, we use ‘cookies’ (a small alphanumeric text file created by an Internet site that is stores inside the PC through web browsers and it also store certain small information such as your orders or items placed inside the shopping cart. We customize your interaction with our website by using the information stored through the ‘cookies’. Note: Third-party advertisers may also store cookies on your computer while serving their advertisements and marketing messages. The cookies stored by the third-party advertisers or message provider are not in our control and it also does not come in the private policy rules.

Some Other Privacy Matters

We only provide the information and services that is related to our shopping portal. Therefore it is the member’s duty to keep our information safe Otherwise, If these rules are not followed, then we can legally close down the membership without any prior notification.

In certain areas like blogger, forums or any discussion boards, we may allow posting of user generated content which will lead to our website.

Affiliated Website Privacy Policy

To improve the connection, the collection and dissemination of information on third-party websites and other websites linking to our website are governed by separate privacy policies on those websites. You should review the policy on such websites before using them at our website.